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Your Adwords Campaigns Should Be More Profitable

Richard Garand

Adwords Profitability Consultant

Need to put on the afterburners for your Adwords campaigns? We’ve increased customer acquisition and profitability by 29% to 1,656%. We’ve done this for accounts ranging up to multi-million-dollar budgets and companies with annual revenues of up to $80m+.

It’s not easy to get good help for Adwords. Sure, there are a lot of people who promise that they will manage your accounts — and then you wonder month after month why they can’t explain the lack of improvement. You might see a paused campaign here or an increased bid there but there just doesn’t seem to be a lasting change.

It’s even worse when you get reports saying that impressions and clicks are going up. But when you compile your latest profit numbers you’re just not seeing the improvement.

How are you supposed to keep growing your business? What does it take to get to the point where you know you’re maximizing the opportunity from your PPC channels? Where you’re seeing a getting more profits and more customers, and the improvements keep building up?

That may seem far away now. But with the right approach you can start to see real business growth that keeps increasing over time. In many cases it can be done without increasing your budget (although that does open up more opportunities at a certain point).

You don’t have to hire a huge team or pay millions of dollars to a top agency to get there. It doesn’t take months or years of costly campaigns that go nowhere.

Instead when you apply the right systems you can:

  1. ​Cut out wasted budget so you automatically get more profitable
  2. Refocus on your top customer drivers to increase sales
  3. Scale your best opportunities so you reach every potential customer
  4. Optimize costs so you can afford to cover more keywords
  5. Keep the system running smoothly even if you have thousands of campaigns and hundreds of thousands of keywords

So how do we do it?

We strictly focus on a few things that help get these results:

  • Comprehensive, real-time reporting on real business metrics (not just clicks) to show you what’s happening
  • Customer research to identify the basis of the most profitable ads
  • Account structure to manage as many different target markets as you need
  • Cost optimization techniques to get you the lowest cost on the traffic you need
  • Full-funnel analysis to maximize profits
  • Ongoing attention from someone who really understands your business, your customers, and how to maximize your PPC channels

Does it work? We’ve seen results that have ranged from increasing sales by millions of dollars to increasing customer acquisition by 16x (all without having to increase the budget). 

​​When the future of your business depends on making the most of each marketing channel, you need to make sure your PPC campaigns are driving real profits and not just clicks.

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